About us

The company Gb Group was established in 2015 by a group of professionals with years o experience in construction of cleanrooms and air conditioning acquired in other companies.

The seat of the company is in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The company has been successfully operating for years in Slovenia and across Europe. As a result of business operations with satisfied clients and partners, the company has a long-standing gold accreditation.

Gb group is a family company specialized in installation of ventilation ducts (HVAC) and cleanroom technology, as such it is focused on providing the most reliable and efficient services, which is supported by the references of our clients.

The presence of the company takes place in several areas such as: auto industry, chemical industry, labs, operation rooms, pharmacy, electronic industry, aviation industry, etc.

The activity of the company takes place with well organized and disciplined expert team meaning the work with the best modern tools and own vehicles enabling our team independency and flexibility in performing works.

The company possesses all necessary insurance for employees, our partners, and end clients. Our vision is to be the chosen contractors for our clients, to provide them with understanding the needs of our clients till the desired goal.

We employ professional and qualified employees.

Our service can boast with high quality and precise installation within agreed time frame.

Since the establishment until today we have been focused on continuous improvement of our services and striving to excellence worldwide.